Dead Man’s Fingers x Spring Classic

We’re super stoked to be teaming up with the epic Spring Classic Festival this June, for a long weekend of surf, skate and good vibes (and rum…naturally).

We’ll be bringing the party with our very own Rum Bar, whipping up your favourite Dead Man’s Fingers treats all weekend (yes that’s right, Dead Man’s Daiquiris and mighty good Mojitos all round). For those who would like to get to know us a little better, we’ll also be hosting some extra special rum tasting sessions with minimum geekery and maximum enjoyment… 

And if all that wasn’t enough, you’ll also catch us riding the wave (not literally) down on Woolacombe Beach at the annual Surf Competition, cheering on the very best surf talent in the country and dishing out tasty rum based refreshments for all (not quite all, over 18s only, obviously).

So if all that sounds like a bit of you (and we’re pretty sure it does) grab your tickets now at (Update: Tickets no longer for sale) . And as always, run, don’t walk.